Specialist splinting and casting

Splinting and casting can be used to protect a joint from over-stretching, pain and damage by supporting it e.g. with a wrist in a low tone arm. Often a readily available splint or a one-off custom made splint will be used for this. If spasticity or stiffness is the main issue often a series of consecutive splints are indicated to provide a gentle stretch over time. The aim is to increase the range of movement or to prevent range of movement from being lost. This type of splinting is called serial splinting and is most effectively used in conjunction with botulinum toxin.

Splinting is most frequently offered in a hospital in or outpatient setting. PhysioNeuroRehab will provide this in your own home or community setting. Splints are custom-made and complete follow up support will be provided.

PhysioNeuroRehab also runs training courses for physiotherapists and occupational therapists in splinting in neurology. Please contact us for further information.